1. Girl Band - Alan Duggan

    Girl Band - Alan Duggan

    Formed in 2011, Girl Band are a four-piece noise rock band from Dublin. Guitarist Alan Duggan talks here about discovering the VOX AC15 in a previous band and how he now deploys two AC30s for the Girl Band sound.

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  2. Vintage Black Limited Edition Amps

    Vintage Black Limited Edition Amps

    While diamonds were nearly always the theme on VOX amps grill cloth throughout the 1960s, the colour did change and various shades of brown was often complimented by the equally familiar black diamond speaker cloth. Today brown is considered traditional but there is something distinctly vintage about an all-black VOX amp.

    Whatever your preference,

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  3. Women Who Rock VOX

    Women Who Rock Vox

    During women’s month 2020 (March) we showcased some of our favorite female artists who rock VOX!

    Lindsay Ell, Yvette Young & Linda Perry.

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  4. Yvette Young

    Evette Young

    Covet guitarist Yvette Young found her voice when she discovered FACGCE tuning and math-rock bands like Toe. She is known for her two-hand tapping and open tuning methods, making her style of playing truly unique.

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  5. Queen's Brian May and VOX Amps


    “VOX AC30’s have been a part of my life and work for 40 years now, and they always give me exactly what I need in terms of sound; I have no need to look elsewhere.”

    A diehard VOX fan since the late 1960s, Brian May has relied on AC30s to provide his signature sound throughout his entire career.Anyone who has ever clapped along to “W

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