VSB-2S-RD Vox Starstream Bass 2S - Twin Single Coil Pickup Model - RED

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VSB-2S-RD Vox Starstream Bass 2S - Twin Single Coil Pickup Model - RED

VOX Starstream Bass Electric Bass Guitar 

Unrivaled body balance hidden in an innovative form! The Starstream Bass with a lightweight design and short scale is now available at an affordable price. 

With its innovative frame structure, light-weight design, and unrivaled body balance, the Starstream Bass achieves excellent playability. With a short-scale neck and compact body, it provides not only visual impact but also numerous practical features such as easy transportation. As a follow-up to the Starstream Bass Artist, the new Startstream Bass is now available at an affordable price.



Starstream Bass 2S
This is a bass guitar equipped with single-coil pickups noted for their bright and deep sound. 

Frame structure that allows matchless body balance
The unique body frame design is both great looking and practical. It allows a great degree of playability thanks to the weight relief and lightweight body. This helps the Starstream Bass to achieve an excellent body balance, making it easy to play for everyone, including beginners or smaller-bodied individuals. 

30-inch  (762 mm) short scale
The Starstream Bass uses a compact 30-inch short scale that's easy to play. 

Lightweight and compact
At approximately 3.00 kg, it's light (lighter than a typical Stratocaster) and easy to carry. 

Equipped with single-coil pickups noted for the crisp tone
Each pickup has its own volume control, so you can obtain a wide range of timbres by balancing the two volumes and using the tone control.



BODY: Poplar + ABS flame

Scale: 770mm (30.32") Scale Length

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Purpleheart

Frets: 21

Nut: 38mm (1.496")

String Gauge: .045 to .105

Pickup: 2 Single coil pickup

Controls: 2 Volume, 1 Tone

Included Items: 1 x Saddle Adjustment Wrench, 1 x Neck Adjustment Wrench, 1 x Gig bag

Colour variations: Black, Red, White


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