Product Service and Repairs

KORG UK Service Department   

We have a dedicated in-house repair team with a combined experience of 50 years. Our Engineers have extensive skills in Electronics, Design and Fault Finding to carry out both warranty and non-warranty repairs.

VOX is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by KORG UK LTD and our service team is able to carry out repairs for KORG keyboards and hi-tech as well as VOX products.  We can carry out repairs on products ranging from vintage analogue, right through to the latest digital modelling amplifiers.

All products are given the following when they arrive at KORG/VOX:

  • Internal diagnostics check, to test functionality of the software and hardware.
  • An inspection of all parts that may wear due to excessive use.
  • Update of firmware and operating system if required.
  • Thorough clean and polish before the product is returned.

Warranty Repairs:

When your product arrives, it will be placed in a secure location to await repair.
Once assessed by an engineer all necessary work will be carried out.
You will be kept informed if any issues arise. Your repair will be turned around as soon as possible and you will be informed of any delays.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Once an engineer has assessed your product, he will report his findings along with a list of all parts and labour costs required to carry out the repair. Our returns team will issue a quote.
If the quote is accepted, the engineer will proceed with the repair and your product will be returned as soon as possible.
A breakdown of all costs can be found below.

We are more than willing to carry out repairs on vintage equipment, although this may be subject to availability of parts.
It has been known for us to design and build bespoke circuits in order to get an older product up and running if parts are no longer readily available.
Please note we may be unable to accept for repair any heavily modified products.

To return a product for repair:

  • Simply click and complete the returns request form
  • If your product does not appear on the form, please fill out the ‘contact us’ box below.
  • Make sure you provide as much information regarding the fault as possible.
  • Our returns team will issue you a RAN number, which you should use any time you contact us.
  • Our engineers will issue a quotation before we go-ahead with the repair.

Our standard repair costs inc. VAT are below.

Service Cost

Initial Inspection Fee

£36 (Non Refundable)


£72 Per Hour


Charged as Additional

Return Carriage

£36 - £57.60 (dependent on weight)

We will contact you when the repair is completed to organise payment and delivery.
Please note: products no longer supported by Korg will be subject to availability of parts.


How long is the product's warranty period?
The normal period is 12-months from date-of-purchase but some products have an extended period. Please see our Warranty Policy for more information.

What is covered by the product's warranty?
The warranty covers faults from early-life-component-failure or manufacturing defects that arise only from normal use. Wear and tear, and faults arising from abnormal use will not be covered. Please see our Warranty Policy for more information.

How long will my return/repair take?
Due to the current Covid-19  situation, we are having to run a reduced repair service as the department is running with a reduced capacity.  Please be aware this has an impact on turnarounds, and any repair returned will be dealt with as soon as possible.

How much will it cost?
For warranty returns there will be no cost.
For non-warranty repairs, please see our standard repair costs above.
If returning under the 14 day return policy, return carriage will be charged at our standard rates for your location.

What is a valid Proof Of Purchase?
For warranty returns on faulty products purchased from one of our KORG UK LTD/VOX authorised dealers, you will need to provide a valid proof of purchase. This can be a bank statement, or a VAT invoice or, a printed cash receipt.

Can I deliver/collect my product?
Yes - our opening times for collections are 8:30am - 4:15pm Monday – Friday. Please make sure we are aware that you are wanting to collect.
Please note that we will only accept goods with a valid RAN number.

I purchased my product from another KORG UK LTD/VOX authorised dealer. Do I need to return a product under warranty through the dealer?
You can either return a product under warranty to the dealer that you have purchased from, or you can return it to us directly by completing the Return Request Form.

I purchased my product from another KORG UK LTD/VOX authorised dealer. Do I need to return my product through the dealer if I want a refund or replacement?
If you want a refund or replacement, you will need to return the product to the dealer you purchased from and the refund or replacement will be dependent on the dealers T&Cs.

What if I no longer have the packaging?
You must package the product in packaging that will provide protection during the journey by courier.
For reference, please see our courier’s packaging requirements.